Issuance Life Cycle Support

Smart Contract Development And Maintenance

In the blockchain era, smart contracts have stood out to be one of the most important innovations with its functionality and purpose reaching far beyond its original use. Smart contracts are software programs that can uniquely represent any asset and automate the disbursement of payments in the digital world. And they need to be tailored to match the lifecycle requirements of digital security. At Propine, the development and maintenance of smart contracts are undertaken by an expert in-house team of Blockchain engineers which passes multiple rounds of quality checks, ensuring safety, security, and quality.

Cap Table Management

Effective cap table management involves keeping up-to-date records related to the ownership of a firm associated with various shareholders. This necessitates maintaining all the relevant aspects of the transactions for securities regarding issuance, transfer or sale. Propine’s state-of-the-art solution not only maintains the cap table in real-time but also provides easy access to stakeholders.

Issue Authentication Service for Private Markets

The primary function of an issue authentication service is to create a trustworthy environment for all parties to an agreement. With Propine’s advanced issue authentication service solution that immobilizes physical securities in addition to reconciling them with digital securities, the integrity of digital security issuance is guaranteed in addition to other salient features such as being tamper-resistant and high traceability.

Custodial Services

With a state-of-the-art technology-agnostic platform, supporting both public and private blockchains, Propine is the first fully regulated independent digital asset custodian to be granted a Capital Market Services Licence by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Post Trade Activities

Asset Servicing

Propine takes care of all corporate actions and income distribution for digital securities under custody. The integration with middle and back offices for accounting improves control, transparency and convenience.

Trade Settlement

Seamless facilitation of trade settlement through APIs. Propine’s robust system of pre-trade checks, post-trade processing and reporting ensure that trade settlement is facilitated efficiently.

Reporting And Analytics

As a part of comprehensive end-to-end securities services, a user-friendly functional dashboard with reports on portfolio and advanced analytics based on historical transactions make Propine’s dashboard truly comprehensive.