Propine – Enabling The Future Of Capital Markets

Enterprises looking to conduct a cost-effective private offering and wanting global access to investors; venture capitalists and fund managers wishing to have improved liquidity of illiquid assets; real estate owners seeking to allow fractional ownership to investors, increasing asset-liquidity while creating investment opportunities.

We understand your challenges and encourage you to look beyond traditional formats. Digital securities is a game changer for the capital market and we have just the perfect solution for you. Embark on the new era of capital raising and investments with issuance facilitation, custodian implementation and lifecycle management in a secure and efficient manner. Together with our network of partners, our solution offers greater opportunity, and liquidity to both investors and issuers.



With a deep understanding of capital markets and technology, and a comprehensive ecosystem of partners, Propine offers end to end services for firms to harness the power of blockchain to raise capital and generate value across various regulatory regimes while being fully compliant.

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Propine is a custodian that closely mirrors traditional markets. Our offering comes with fully segregated accounts in the name of the end customers, coupled with layered governance and security practices built in for safe maintenance and delivery.

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We support smart contract development and maintenance, capitalization table and cap table management and issue authentication service for private markets.

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Propine is the first fully regulated independent digital asset custody service provider to be granted the Capital Markets Services (CMS) licence by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), to provide custodial and asset servicing solutions to accredited and institutional investors.

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We support asset servicing, seamless facilitation of trade settlement and provide comprehensive reporting and analytics.

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Propine is steered by veterans in banking, fintech and cybersecurity fields.

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